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OpenDarwin 7.2.1 - man page for ioreg (opendarwin section 8)

IOREG(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual				 IOREG(8)

     ioreg -- show I/O Kit registry

     ioreg [-b] [[-c class] [-l] [-n name]] [-p plane] [-s] [-S] [-w width] [-x]

     ioreg displays the I/O Kit registry.  The use of the -c, -l, or -n options cause ioreg to
     show the properties of objects matching the specified criteria.  By default, ioreg does not
     show the properties of an object.

     The options are as follows:

     -b    Show the object name in bold.

     -c    Show the object properties only if the object is, or derives from, the specified

     -l    Show the object properties.

     -n    Show the object properties only if the object has the specified name.

     -p    Traverse the registry over the specified plane.  The default plane value is ``IOSer-
	   vice''.  The other planes, such as ``IODeviceTree'', can be found under the ``IOReg-
	   istryPlanes'' property of the root object (ioreg -n Root).

     -s    Show the object state (busy state, retain count). This is the default.

     -S    Don't show the object state (busy state, retain count).

     -w    Clip the output to the specified line width.  The default width value is the current
	   screen size.  A value of 0 specifies an unlimited line width.

     -x    Print numeric property values in hexadecimal.

Darwin					 January 1, 2000				   Darwin

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