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OpenDarwin 7.2.1 - man page for dynamic_pager (opendarwin section 8)

dynamic_pager(8)		   BSD System Manager's Manual			 dynamic_pager(8)

     dynamic_pager -- dynamic pager external storage manager

     dynamic_pager [-F filename] [-S filesize] [-H high-water-trigger] [-L low-water-trigger]
		   [-P priority]

     The dynamic_pager daemon manages a pool of external swap files which the kernel uses to sup-
     port demand paging.  This pool is expanded with new swap files as load on the system
     increases, and contracted when the swapping resources are no longer needed.  The
     dynamic_pager daemon also provides a notification service for those applications which wish
     to receive notices when the external paging pool expands or contracts.

     -F      The base name of the filename to use for the external paging files.  By default this
	     is /private/var/vm/swapfile.

     -S      The fixed filesize [in bytes] to use for the paging files.  By default dynamic_pager
	     uses variable sized paging files, using larger sized files as paging demands
	     increase.	The -S, -H and -L options disable that default and cause dynamic_pager to
	     use a series of fixed sized external paging files.

     -H      If there are less than high-water-trigger bytes free in the external paging files,
	     the kernel will signal dynamic_pager to add a new external paging file.

     -L      If there are more than low-water-trigger bytes free in the external paging files,
	     the kernel will coalese in-use pages and signal dynamic_pager to discard an external
	     paging file.  Low-water-trigger must be greater than high-water-trigger + filesize.

     -P      This option is currently unimplemented.

     /private/var/vm/swapfile*	Default external paging files.

     macx_swapon(2), macx_swapoff(2).

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