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ConsoleMessage(8)		   BSD System Manager's Manual			ConsoleMessage(8)

     ConsoleMessage -- Send a message to SystemStarter

     ConsoleMessage [-v] message
     ConsoleMessage [-v] -S
     ConsoleMessage [-v] -F
     ConsoleMessage [-v] -s service
     ConsoleMessage [-v] -f service
     ConsoleMessage [-v] -q setting
     ConsoleMessage [-v] -b path
     ConsoleMessage [-v] -u

     The ConsoleMessage utility may be used by startup item scripts to send messages to
     SystemStarter (see SystemStarter(8)).

     The default behavior is to send the specified message to SystemStarter to be displayed on
     the console.  SystemStarter will attempt to localize the string using the current startup
     item's localization dictionaries.

     ConsoleMessage may also be used to give feedback to SystemStarter indicating which services
     provided by the startup item have succeeded or failed.

     -v       verbose mode (prints errors to stdout)

     -S       mark all services provided by this item as successful

     -F       mark all services provided by this item as failed

     -s       mark the service as successful

     -f       mark the service as failed

     -q       query SystemStarter for the value of the configuration variable setting (result
	      will be printed to stdout).

     -b       Tell SystemStarter to load the display bundle at the specified path

     -u       Tell SystemStarter to unload the current display bundle

     When a service name is not specified, ConsoleMessage assumes its parent process identifica-
     tion (see getppid(2)) is that of a startup item script, and uses that token to find the cor-
     rect list of services provided by the current item. If the process calling ConsoleMessage is
     not a startup item script, it is necessary to explicitly provide service names.



     The ConsoleMessage utility appeared in Darwin 6.0

Darwin					  April 12, 2002				   Darwin
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