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SEESAT5.INI(5)							File Formats Manual						    SEESAT5.INI(5)

SEESAT5.INI - operations control file for seesat5. DESCRIPTION
This file is used to automate the operation of seesat5 in a way that reduces the amount of command line instructions. A sample example file can be found in /usr/doc/SEESAT5.INI.example. A complete list and description of the commands that may appear in this init file can be found in seesat5(7). SEE ALSO
seesat5(1), seesat5(7), tle(5), cr(1) Debian Linux 30 March 96 SEESAT5.INI(5)

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seesat5(1)                                                    General Commands Manual                                                   seesat5(1)

seesat5 - provides satellite visibility information. SYNOPSIS
seesat5 [ report ] [ go <Label> ] | [ <command> ... ] DESCRIPTION
This program uses the sgp4 algorithm provided by NORAD to produce position information on a satellite. Seesat5 can produce tracking infor- mation for one satellite over a period of several days, or for a collection of satellites over that period. By providing filter conditions seesat5 prints out only those satellites you might have a chance to see rather than all the satellites that pass above the horizon. Seesat5 is typically run by placing control commands into an init file called SEESAT5.INI. See seesat5 (7) for the description of these commands. If there is no init file Seesat5 will present the operator with a '>' prompt where commands can be entered. From the prompt seesat5 will begin analysis when sufficient parameters have been entered to begin the run. Seesat5 uses selection conditions to filter the data so that only high and bright satellites are printed. Note that the selection condi- tions are used to select whether or not the current passes data will be printed. If it is printed, then the complete pass data is printed. ie. all data from when the satellite comes over the horizon until it goes below. For lines that satisfied ALL the selection conditions, a "+" sign is printed as the first character. Options report This option will disable printing of report records in the output of the run. These include all command lines found in SEESAT5.INI or entered from the command line or the prompt. go Followed by a label, this option causes branching within the SEESAT5.INI to begin execution at the line following label. Branching occurs when the cmdline command is executed in the SEESAT5.INI file. command Most of the commands that can be found in SEESAT5.INI can be entered on the command line. If you desire the SEESAT5.INI file to exe- cute after the command line be sure to make the last command RET. FILES
SEESAT5.INI The control file for seesat5 *.tle Two line element files used by seesat5. SEE ALSO
seesat5(7), SEESAT5.INI(5), tle(5), cr(1) BUGS
Seesat5 is not always able to check data integrity. Since computation and output is driven by the data in the two line element, subtle errors in a tle can cause floating point exceptions. In addition there are several commands that do not work well together, like SHOWTLE and RUNTIME. Please report any problems with seesat5 to Dale Scheetz <>. Debian Linux 28 March 96 seesat5(1)
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