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at.deny(5) [opendarwin man page]

AT.ALLOW(5)						     Linux Programmer's Manual						       AT.ALLOW(5)

at.allow, at.deny - determine who can submit jobs via at or batch DESCRIPTION
The /etc/at.allow and /etc/at.deny files determine which user can submit commands for later execution via at(1) or batch(1). The format of the files is a list of usernames, one on each line. Whitespace is not permitted. The superuser may always use at. If the file /etc/at.allow exists, only usernames mentioned in it are allowed to use at. If /etc/at.allow does not exist, /etc/at.deny is checked. SEE ALSO
at(1), atrun(1), cron(8), crontab(1), atd(8). Sep 1997 AT.ALLOW(5)

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ATRUN(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  ATRUN(8)

atrun -- run jobs queued for later execution SYNOPSIS
atrun [-l load_avg] [-d] DESCRIPTION
atrun runs jobs queued by at(1). Root's crontab(5) must contain the line: */10 * * * * root /usr/libexec/atrun so that atrun(8) gets called every ten minutes. At every invocation, every job in lowercase queues whose starting time has passed is started. A maximum of one batch job (denoted by upper- case queues) is started each time atrun is invoked. OPTIONS
-l load_avg Specifies a limiting load factor, over which batch jobs should not be run, instead of the compiled-in value of 1.5. -d Debug; print error messages to standard error instead of using syslog(3). WARNINGS
For atrun to work, you have to start up a cron(8) daemon. FILES
/var/at/spool Directory containing output spool files /var/at/jobs Directory containing job files SEE ALSO
at(1), crontab(1), syslog(3), crontab(5), cron(8) AUTHORS
Thomas Koenig <> BUGS
The functionality of atrun should be merged into cron(8). BSD
April 12, 1995 BSD
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