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OpenDarwin 7.2.1 - man page for acoshf (opendarwin section 3)

FLOAT(3)				     BSD Library Functions Manual				     FLOAT(3)

float -- functions with single-precision floating-point arguments
The following functions are available in single precision. The functions conform to the ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E) standard. They are similar to the corresponding double-precision functions (which have the same name, without the "f" at the end). The double-precision functions have their own pages. Wherever the double-precision func- tions use a double-precision floating-point value (as an argument or return value), these functions use a sin- gle-precision floating-point value. To use these functions you must add an additional flag to the link step that produces the executable binary. Specify "-lmx". acosf() acoshf() asinf() asinhf() atanf() atan2f() atanhf() cbrtf() cosf() coshf() erff() erfcf() hypotf() logf() log2f() log10f() log1p() powf() sinf() sinhf() sqrtf() tanf() tanhf() The following functions are also available in single precision. The functions conform to the ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E) standard. Each one has its own page, which it shares with its corresponding double-precision func- tion (which has the same name, without the "f" on the end). The page can be found under both names. You do not need to specify the "-lmx" flag to use these functions. ceilf() copysignf() expf() exp2f() expm1f() fabsf() fdimf() floorf() fmaf() fmaxf() fminf() fmodf() frexpf() ilogbf() ldexpf() lgammaf() llrintf() llroundf() logbf() lrintf() lround() modff() nanf() nextafterf() remainderf() remquof() rintf() roundf() scalblnf() scalbnf() tgammaf() truncf()
August 13, 2003 BSD

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