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FMAX(3) 						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						   FMAX(3)

fmax -- return maximum value SYNOPSIS
#include <math.h> double fmax(double x, double y); float fmaxf(float x, float y); DESCRIPTION
The fmax() and fmaxf() functions return x or y, whichever is larger. SPECIAL VALUES
If exactly one argument is a NaN, fmax() returns the other argument. If both arguments are NaNs, fmax() returns a NaN. SEE ALSO
fdim(3), fma(3), fmin(3) STANDARDS
The fmax() and fmaxf() functions conform to ISO/IEC 9899:1999(E). BSD
July 24, 2003 BSD

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FMAX(3) 						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						   FMAX(3)

fmax, fmaxf, fmaxl, fmin, fminf, fminl -- floating-point maximum and minimum functions LIBRARY
Math Library (libm, -lm) SYNOPSIS
#include <math.h> double fmax(double x, double y); float fmaxf(float x, float y); long double fmaxl(long double x, long double y); double fmin(double x, double y); float fminf(float x, float y); long double fminl(long double x, long double y); DESCRIPTION
The fmax(), fmaxf(), and fmaxl() functions return the larger of x and y, and likewise, the fmin(), fminf(), and fminl() functions return the smaller of x and y. They treat +0.0 as being larger than -0.0. If one argument is an NaN, then the other argument is returned. If both arguments are NaNs, then the result is an NaN. These routines do not raise any floating-point exceptions. SEE ALSO
fabs(3), fdim(3), math(3) STANDARDS
The fmax(), fmaxf(), fmaxl(), fmin(), fminf(), and fminl() functions conform to ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (``ISO C99''). HISTORY
These routines first appeared in FreeBSD 5.3. BSD
June 29, 2004 BSD
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