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SYSCALL(2)			     BSD System Calls Manual			       SYSCALL(2)

     syscall, __syscall -- indirect system call

     #include <sys/syscall.h>
     #include <unistd.h>

     syscall(int number, ...);

     __syscall(quad_t number, ...);

     Syscall() performs the system call whose assembly language interface has the specified
     number with the specified arguments.  Symbolic constants for system calls can be found in
     the header file <sys/syscall.h>.  The __syscall form should be used when one or more of the
     parameters is a 64-bit argument to ensure that argument alignment is correct.  This system
     call is useful for testing new system calls that do not have entries in the C library.

     The return values are defined by the system call being invoked.  In general, a 0 return
     value indicates success.  A -1 return value indicates an error, and an error code is stored
     in errno.

     There is no way to simulate system calls that have multiple return values such as pipe(2).

     The syscall() function call appeared in 4.0BSD.

4th Berkeley Distribution		  June 16, 1993 		4th Berkeley Distribution
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