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ZNEW(1) 										  ZNEW(1)

       znew -	recompress .Z files to .gz files

       znew [ -ftv9PK] [ name.Z ...  ]

       Znew  recompresses  files  from .Z (compress) format to .gz (gzip) format.  If you want to
       recompress a file already in gzip format, rename the file to force  a  .Z  extension  then
       apply znew.

       -f     Force recompression from .Z to .gz format even if a .gz file already exists.

       -t     Tests the new files before deleting originals.

       -v     Verbose. Display the name and percentage reduction for each file compressed.

       -9     Use the slowest compression method (optimal compression).

       -P     Use pipes for the conversion to reduce disk space usage.

       -K     Keep a .Z file when it is smaller than the .gz file

       gzip(1), zmore(1), zdiff(1), zgrep(1), zforce(1), gzexe(1), compress(1)

       Znew  does not maintain the time stamp with the -P option if cpmod(1) is not available and
       touch(1) does not support the -r option.

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