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SIZE(1) 										  SIZE(1)

       size - print the size of the sections in an object file

       size [ option ... ] [ object ... ]

       Size  (without the -m option) prints the (decimal) number of bytes required by the __TEXT,
       __DATA and __OBJC segments.  All other segments are totaled and that size is listed in the
       `others' column.  The final two columns is the sum in decimal and hexadecimal.  If no file
       is specified, a.out is used.

       The options to size(1) are:

       -      Treat the remaining arguments as name of object files not options to size(1).

       -m     Print the sizes of the Mach-O segments and sections as well as the total	sizes  of
	      the sections in each segment and the total size of the segments in the file.

       -l     When  used with the -m option, also print the addresses and offsets of the sections
	      and segments.

       -x     When used with the -m option, print the values in hexadecimal (with  leading  0x's)
	      rather than decimal.

       -arch arch_type
	      Specifies  the  architecture, arch_type, of the file for size(1) to operate on when
	      the file is a fat file.  (See arch(3) for  the  currently  know  arch_types.)   The
	      arch_type can be "all" to operate on all architectures in the file.  The default is
	      to display only the host architecture, if the  file  contains  it;  otherwise,  all
	      architectures in the file are shown.


       The size of common symbols can't be reflected in any of the numbers for relocatable object

Apple Computer, Inc.			   May 23, 2002 				  SIZE(1)
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