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LSVFS(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				 LSVFS(1)

     lsvfs -- list known virtual file systems

     lsvfs [vfsname ...]

     The lsvfs command lists information about the currently loaded virtual filesystem modules.
     When vfsname arguments are given, lsvfs lists information about the specified VFS modules.
     Otherwise, lsvfs lists all currently loaded modules.  The information is as follows:

     Filesystem  the name of the filesystem, as would be used in the type parameter to mount(2)
		 and the -t option to mount(8)
     Refs	 the number of references to this VFS; i.e., the number of currently mounted
		 filesystems of this type
     Flags	 flag bits

     mount(2), mount(8)

     The command from which this was derived from, as well as this manual, originally appeared in
     FreeBSD 2.0.

					 January 4, 2003
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