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ICONV(1)			    Linux Programmer's Manual				 ICONV(1)

       iconv - character set conversion

       iconv [-c] [-s] [-f encoding] [-t encoding] [inputfile ...]
       iconv -l

       The iconv program converts text from one encoding to another encoding.  More precisely, it
       converts from the encoding given for the -f option  to  the  encoding  given  for  the  -t
       option.	Either of these encodings defaults to the encoding of the current locale. All the
       inputfiles are read and converted in turn; if no inputfile is given, the standard input is
       used. The converted text is printed to standard output.

       When  option  -c  is  given,  characters  that cannot be converted are silently discarded,
       instead of leading to a conversion error.

       When option -s is given, error messages about  invalid  or  unconvertible  characters  are
       omitted, but the actual converted text is unaffected.

       The  encodings  permitted  are system dependent. For the libiconv implementation, they are
       listed in the iconv_open(3) manual page.

       The iconv -l command lists the names of the supported encodings,  in  a	system	dependent
       format. For the libiconv implementation, the names are printed in upper case, separated by
       whitespace, and alias names of an encoding are listed on the same  line	as  the  encoding


GNU					 January 13, 2002				 ICONV(1)
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