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PERCPU(9)			  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 			PERCPU(9)

     percpu, percpu_alloc, percpu_free, percpu_getref, percpu_putref, percpu_foreach -- per-CPU
     storage allocator

     #include <sys/percpu.h>

     typedef void (*percpu_callback_t)(void *, void *, struct cpu_info *);

     percpu_t *
     percpu_alloc(size_t size);

     percpu_free(percpu_t *pc, size_t size);

     void *
     percpu_getref(percpu_t *pc);

     percpu_putref(percpu_t *pc);

     percpu_foreach(percpu_t *pc, percpu_callback_t cb, void *arg);

     The machine-independent percpu interface provides per-CPU, CPU-local memory reservations to
     kernel subsystems.  percpu_alloc(size) reserves on each CPU an independent memory region of
     size bytes that is local to that CPU, returning a handle (percpu_t) to those regions.  A
     thread may subsequently ask for a pointer, p, to the region held by the percpu_t on the
     thread's current CPU.  Until the thread relinquishes the pointer, or voluntarily sleeps, the
     thread may read or write the region at p without causing interprocessor memory synchroniza-

	      Call this in thread context to allocate size bytes of local storage on each CPU.
	      The storage is initialized with zeroes.  Treat this as an expensive operation.
	      percpu_alloc() returns NULL on failure, and a handle for the per-CPU storage on

     percpu_free(pc, size)
	      Call this in thread context to return to the system the per-CPU storage held by pc.
	      size should match the size passed to percpu_alloc().  When percpu_free() returns,
	      pc is undefined.	Treat this as an expensive operation.

	      Disable preemption and return a pointer to the storage held by pc on the local CPU.
	      Use percpu_getref() in either thread or interrupt context.  Follow each
	      percpu_getref() call with a matching call to percpu_putref().

	      Indicate that the thread is finished with the pointer returned by the matching call
	      to percpu_getref().  Re-enables preemption.

     percpu_foreach(pc, cb, arg)
	      On each CPU, for ci the corresponding struct cpu_info * and p the CPU-local storage
	      held by pc, run (*cb)(p, arg, ci).  Call this in thread context.	cb should be non-
	      blocking and fast.  Do not rely on cb to be run on the CPUs in any particular

     The percpu interface is implemented within the file sys/kern/subr_percpu.c.

     atomic_ops(3), kmem(9), pcq(9), pool_cache(9), xcall(9)

     The percpu interface first appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

     YAMAMOTO Takashi <yamt@NetBSD.org>

BSD					 January 23, 2010				      BSD
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