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LWP_CACHE_CREDS(9)		  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 	       LWP_CACHE_CREDS(9)

     LWP_CACHE_CREDS -- synchronize LWP credential with process credential

     #include <sys/lwp.h>

     LWP_CACHE_CREDS(lwp_t *l, struct proc *p);

     LWP_CACHE_CREDS() updates the LWP's cached credential to match with the process' credential
     if the latter has been changed after the last synchronization.

     Each LWPs have its cached credential so that it can be used without worrying about potential
     of other LWP changing the process' credential.  kauth_cred_get() returns the cached creden-

     LWP_CACHE_CREDS() is called by MD entry code for system call and various traps.  LWPs which
     can live in kernel for long period should call LWP_CACHE_CREDS() by itsself to refresh its

     LWP_CACHE_CREDS() takes the following arguments.

     l	The calling lwp.

     p	The process which the lwp l belongs to.

     LWP_CACHE_CREDS() might be implemented as a macro.

     intro(9), kauth(9)

BSD					 December 9, 2007				      BSD
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