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DOSHUTDOWNHOOKS(9)		  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 	       DOSHUTDOWNHOOKS(9)

     doshutdownhooks -- run all shutdown hooks


     The doshutdownhooks routine is deprecated. Use pmf_system_shutdown(9) instead.

     The doshutdownhooks() function invokes all shutdown hooks established using the
     shutdownhook_establish(9) function.  Shutdown hooks are called in reverse order, i.e., the
     shutdown hook established last will be called first.

     This function is called from cpu_reboot() with interrupts turned off.  It is called immedi-
     ately before the system is halted or rebooted, after file systems have been unmounted, after
     the clock has been updated, and after a system dump has been done (if necessary).

     cpu_reboot(9), shutdownhook_establish(9)

BSD					February 11, 2010				      BSD
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