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usbdevs(8) [netbsd man page]

USBDEVS(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						USBDEVS(8)

usbdevs -- show USB devices connected to the system SYNOPSIS
usbdevs [-dv] [-a addr] [-f dev] DESCRIPTION
usbdevs prints a listing of all USB devices connected to the system with some information about each device. The indentation of each line indicates its distance from the root. The options are as follows: -a addr Only print information about the device at the given address. -d Show the device drivers associated with each device. -f dev Only print information for the given USB controller. -v Be verbose. FILES
/dev/usb[0-9] Default USB controllers. SEE ALSO
usb(4) HISTORY
The usbdevs command appeared in NetBSD 1.4. BSD
August 15, 2011 BSD

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EHCI(4) 						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						   EHCI(4)

ehci -- USB Enhanced Host Controller driver SYNOPSIS
device ehci DESCRIPTION
The ehci driver provides support for the USB Enhanced Host Controller Interface, which is used by USB 2.0 controllers. EHCI controllers are peculiar in that they can only handle the USB 2.0 protocol. This means that they normally have one or more companion controllers (i.e., ohci(4) or uhci(4)) handling USB 1.x devices. Consequently each USB connector is electrically connected to two USB con- trollers. The handling of this is totally automatic, but can be noticed since USB 1.x and USB 2.0 devices plugged in to the same connector appear to connect to different USB busses. SEE ALSO
ohci(4), uhci(4), usb(4), xhci(4) HISTORY
The ehci device driver first appeared in FreeBSD 5.1. LOADER TUNABLES
When the kernel has been compiled with options USB_DEBUG, some tunables become available that affect the behavior of ehci. These tunables can be set at the loader(8) prompt before booting the kernel or stored in loader.conf(5). hw.usb.ehci.lostintrbug This tunable enables the lost interrupt quirk. The default value is 0 (off). hw.usb.ehci.iaadbug This tunable enables the EHCI doorbell quirk. The default value is 0 (off). hw.usb.ehci.no_hs This tunable disables USB devices to attach like HIGH-speed ones and will force all attached devices to attach to the FULL- or LOW- speed companion controller. The default value is 0 (off). BSD
March 4, 2012 BSD
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