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TCPDROP(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			       TCPDROP(8)

     tcpdrop -- drop a TCP connection

     tcpdrop laddr lport faddr fport

     The tcpdrop command drops the TCP connection specified by the local address laddr, port
     lport and the foreign address faddr, port fport.  Addresses and ports can be specified by
     name or numeric value.

     If a connection to httpd(8) is causing congestion on a network link, one can drop the TCP
     session in charge:

	   $ fstat | grep 'httpd.*internet.*<--'
	   www	    httpd      21307	3* internet stream tcp \
		   0xd1007ca8 <--

     The following command will drop the connection:

	   # tcpdrop 80 26747

     fstat(1), netstat(1)

BSD					  June 23, 2007 				      BSD
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