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netgroup_mkdb(8) [netbsd man page]

NETGROUP_MKDB(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					  NETGROUP_MKDB(8)

netgroup_mkdb -- generate the netgroup database SYNOPSIS
netgroup_mkdb [-o database] [file] DESCRIPTION
netgroup_mkdb creates a db(3) database for the specified file. If no file is specified, then /etc/netgroup is used. This database is installed into /var/db/netgroup.db. The file must be in the correct format (see netgroup(5)). The options are as follows: -o database Put the output databases in the named file. The databases are used by the C library netgroup routines (see getnetgrent(3)). netgroup_mkdb exits zero on success, non-zero on failure. FILES
/var/db/netgroup.db The current netgroup database /var/db/netgroup.db.tmp A temporary file /etc/netgroup The current netgroup file SEE ALSO
db(3), getnetgrent(3), netgroup(5) BUGS
Because netgroup_mkdb guarantees not to install a partial destination file it must build a temporary file in the same file system and if suc- cessful use rename(2) to install over the destination file. If netgroup_mkdb fails it will leave the previous version of the destination file intact. BSD
May 20, 2007 BSD

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REVNETGROUP(8)							 Reference Manual						    REVNETGROUP(8)

revnetgroup - generate reverse netgroup data SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/yp/revnetgroup [-u|-h] DESCRIPTION
Revnetgroup processes the standard input in netgroup(5) format into what is called reverse netgroup form. That is, where the original file shows netgroup memberships in terms of which members reside in a particular group, the reverse netgroup format specifies what groups are associated with a particular member. This information is used to generate the netgroup.byuser and netgroup.byhosts NIS maps. These reverse netgroup maps are used to help speed up netgroup lookups, particularly for the innetgr library function. The revnetgroup command prints its results on the standard output. It is usually called only by /var/yp/Makefile when rebuilding the NIS netgroup maps. OPTIONS
The revnetgroup command supports the following options: -u Generate netgroup.byuser output; only username information in the original netgroup file is processed. -h Generate netgroup.byhost output; only hostname information in the original netgroup file is processed. Note at least one of the both flags must be specified. FILES
/var/yp/Makefile The Makefile to build the NIS databases /etc/netgroup the default netgroup database file. This file is most often found only on the NIS master server SEE ALSO
getnetgrent(3), netgroup(5), AUTHOR
revnetgroup was written by Thorsten Kukuk <>. YP Server August 2001 REVNETGROUP(8)
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