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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for netgroup (netbsd section 5)

NETGROUP(5)			     BSD File Formats Manual			      NETGROUP(5)

     netgroup -- defines network groups


     The netgroup file specifies ``netgroups'', which are sets of (host, user, domain) tuples
     that are to be given similar network access.

     Each line in the file consists of a netgroup name followed by a list of the members of the
     netgroup.	Each member can be either the name of another netgroup or a specification of a
     tuple as follows:

	   (host, user, domain)

     where the host, user, and domain are character string names for the corresponding component.
     Any of the comma separated fields may be empty to specify a ``wildcard'' value or may con-
     sist of the string ``-'' to specify ``no valid value''.  The members of the list may be sep-
     arated by whitespace; the ``\'' character may be used at the end of a line to specify line
     continuation.  The functions specified in getnetgrent(3) should normally be used to access
     the netgroup database.

     If 'files' is specified for the 'netgroup' database in nsswitch.conf(5), (or no 'netgroup'
     entry is specified), then these functions operate on the db(3) version of the netgroup
     (netgroup.db) file which can be generated using netgroup_mkdb(8).	If 'nis' is specified
     then the NIS maps 'netgroup', 'netgroup.byhost', and 'netgroup.byuser' are used.

     Lines that begin with a # are treated as comments.

     /etc/netgroup.db  the netgroup database.

     getnetgrent(3), exports(5), nsswitch.conf(5), netgroup_mkdb(8)

     The file format is compatible with that of various vendors, however it appears that not all
     vendors use an identical format.

     The interpretation of access restrictions based on the member tuples of a netgroup is left
     up to the various network applications.

BSD					 January 16, 1999				      BSD

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