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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for mopd (netbsd section 8)

MOPD(8) 			   BSD System Manager's Manual				  MOPD(8)

     mopd -- Maintenance Operations Protocol (MOP) Loader Daemon

     mopd [-adf] [-s mopdir] [interface] [...]

     mopd services DEC Maintenance Operations Protocol (MOP) Load requests on the Ethernet con-
     nected to interface or all interfaces if -a option is given.

     In a load request received by mopd a filename can be given by the client.	This is the nor-
     mal case for terminal servers.  If a filename isn't in the client load request mopd must
     know what image to load.

     Upon receiving a request, mopd checks if the requested file exists in /tftpboot/mop (unless
     the -s option is given, see below) the filename is normally uppercase and with an extension
     of .SYS.  If the filename isn't given, the ethernet address of the target is used as file-
     name, e.g.  08002b09f4de.SYS and it might be a soft link to another file.

     mopd supports two kinds of files.	The first type that is check is if the file is in
     a.out(5) format.  If not, a couple of Digital's formats are checked.

     In normal operation, mopd forks a copy of itself and runs in the background.  Anomalies and
     errors are reported via syslog(3).

     -a      Listen on all the Ethernets attached to the system.  If -a is omitted, an interface
	     must be specified.

     -d      Run in debug mode, with all the output to stdout.	The process will run in the fore-

     -f      Run in the foreground.

     -s      Change the directory to look for files in from /tftpboot/mop to mopdir.


     mopd automatically appends an upper case .SYS to the filename provided by the client.  The
     typical client sends the requested file name in upper case.

     mopchk(1), mopcopy(1), mopprobe(1), moptrace(1), bpf(4)

     DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV, Maintenance Operations Functional
     Specification V3.0.0, AA-X436A-TK.

     DECnet Digital Network Architecture, Maintenance Operations Protocol Functional
     Specification V4.0.0, EK-DNA11-FS-001.

     Mats O Jansson <moj@stacken.kth.se>

BSD					 January 23, 2004				      BSD

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