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MOPTRACE(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			      MOPTRACE(1)

     moptrace -- MOP Trace Utility

     moptrace [-a] [-d] [-3 | -4]
     moptrace [-d] [-3 | -4] [interface]

     moptrace prints the contents of MOP packages on the Ethernet connected to interface or all
     known interfaces if '-a' is given.

     -a      Listen on all the Ethernets attached to the system.  If '-a' is omitted, an inter-
	     face must be specified.

     -d      Run in debug mode, with all the output to stderr.

     -3      Ignore MOP V3 messages (Ethernet II).

     -4      Ignore MOP V4 messages (Ethernet 802.3).

     mopchk(1), mopcopy(1), mopprobe(1), mopd(8)

     DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV, Maintenance Operations Functional
     Specification V3.0.0, AA-X436A-TK.

     DECnet Digital Network Architecture, Maintenance Operations Protocol Functional
     Specification V4.0.0, EK-DNA11-FS-001.

     Mats O Jansson <moj@stacken.kth.se>

BSD					 October 2, 1995				      BSD
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