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MLXCTL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						 MLXCTL(8)

mlxctl -- Mylex DAC960 family management utility SYNOPSIS
mlxctl [-f dev] [-v] [-a] status [drive] [...] mlxctl [-f dev] [-a] detach [drive] [...] mlxctl [-f dev] [-a] check [drive] [...] mlxctl [-f dev] rebuild channel:target mlxctl [-f dev] cstatus mlxctl [-f dev] rescan mlxctl [-f dev] config DESCRIPTION
The mlxctl utility performs status monitoring and management functions for Mylex DAC960 RAID controllers and attached devices. The following options are available: -a Apply the action to all drives attached to the controller. -f dev Specify the control device to use. The default is /dev/mlx0. -v Increased verbosity. The following commands are available: cstatus Display the controller's current status. status Display the status of the specified drives. This command returns 0 if all drives tested are online, 1 if one or more drives are critical and 2 if one or more are offline. rescan Re-scan the logical drive table, and attach or detach devices from the system as necessary. detach Detach the specified drives. Drives must be unmounted and unopened for this command to succeed. check Initiate a consistency check and repair pass on a drive that provides redundancy (e.g., RAID1 or RAID5). This command returns imme- diately. The status command can be used to monitor the progress of the check. rebuild Rebuild onto the specified physical drive. Note that there can be only one running rebuild operation per controller at any given time. This command returns immediately. The cstatus command can be used to monitor the progress of the rebuild. config Write the current system drive configuration to stdout. EXAMPLES
Display the status of drive ld3 attached to the controller mlx1: mlxctl -f /dev/mlx1 -v status ld3 SEE ALSO
ld(4), mlx(4) HISTORY
The mlxctl command first appeared in NetBSD 1.5.3, and was based on the mlxcontrol utility found in FreeBSD. BUGS
Modifying drive configuration is not yet supported. Some commands do not work with older firmware revisions. Error log extraction is not yet supported. BSD
April 10, 2000 BSD

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MLX(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    MLX(4)

mlx -- Mylex DAC-family RAID driver SYNOPSIS
To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file: device pci device mlx Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5): mlx_load="YES" DESCRIPTION
The mlx driver provides support for Mylex DAC-family PCI to SCSI RAID controllers, including versions relabeled by Digital/Compaq. HARDWARE
Controllers supported by the mlx driver include: o Mylex DAC960P o Mylex DAC960PD / DEC KZPSC (Fast Wide) o Mylex DAC960PDU o Mylex DAC960PL o Mylex DAC960PJ o Mylex DAC960PG o Mylex DAC960PU / DEC PZPAC (Ultra Wide) o Mylex AcceleRAID 150 (DAC960PRL) o Mylex AcceleRAID 250 (DAC960PTL1) o Mylex eXtremeRAID 1100 (DAC1164P) o RAIDarray 230 controllers, aka the Ultra-SCSI DEC KZPAC-AA (1-ch, 4MB cache), KZPAC-CA (3-ch, 4MB), KZPAC-CB (3-ch, 8MB cache) All major firmware revisions (2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x) are supported, however it is always advisable to upgrade to the most recent firmware available for the controller. Compatible Mylex controllers not listed should work, but have not been verified. DIAGNOSTICS
Controller initialisation phase mlx%d: controller initialisation in progress... mlx%d: initialisation complete The controller firmware is performing/has completed initialisation. mlx%d: physical drive %d:%d not responding The drive at channel:target is not responding; it may have failed or been removed. mlx%d: spinning up drives... Drive startup is in progress; this may take several minutes. mlx%d: configuration checksum error The array configuration has become corrupted. mlx%d: mirror race recovery in progress mlx%d: mirror race on a critical system drive mlx%d: mirror race recovery failed These error codes are undocumented. mlx%d: physical drive %d:%d COD mismatch Configuration data on the drive at channel:target does not match the rest of the array. mlx%d: system drive installation aborted Errors occurred preventing one or more system drives from being configured. mlx%d: new controller configuration found The controller has detected a configuration on disk which supersedes the configuration in its nonvolatile memory. It will reset and come up with the new configuration. mlx%d: FATAL MEMORY PARITY ERROR Firmware detected a fatal memory error; the driver will not attempt to attach to this controller. mlx%d: unknown firmware initialisation error %x:%x:%x An unknown error occurred during initialisation; it will be ignored. Driver initialisation/shutdown phase: mlx%d: can't allocate scatter/gather DMA tag mlx%d: can't allocate buffer DMA tag mlx%d: can't allocate s/g table mlx%d: can't make initial s/g list mapping mlx%d: can't make permanent s/g list mapping mlx%d: can't allocate interrupt mlx%d: can't set up interrupt A resource allocation error occurred while initialising the driver; initialisation has failed and the driver will not attach to this con- troller. mlx%d: error fetching drive status The current status of all system drives could not be fetched; attachment of system drives will be aborted. mlx%d: device_add_child failed mlx%d: bus_generic_attach returned %d Creation of the system drive instances failed; attachment of one or more system drives may have been aborted. mlxd%d: detaching... The indicated system drive is being detached. mlxd%d: still open, can't detach The indicated system drive is still open or mounted; the controller cannot be detached. mlx%d: flushing cache... The controller cache is being flushed prior to detach or shutdown. Operational diagnostics: mlx%d: ENQUIRY failed - %s mlx%d: ENQUIRY2 failed mlx%d: ENQUIRY_OLD failed mlx%d: FLUSH failed - %s mlx%d: CHECK ASYNC failed - %s mlx%d: REBUILD ASYNC failed - %s mlx%d: command failed - %s The controller rejected a command for the reason given. mlx%d: I/O beyond end of unit (%u,%d > %u) mlx%d: I/O error - %s An I/O error was reported by the controller. mlx%d: periodic enquiry failed - %s An attempt to poll the controller for status failed for the reason given. mlx%d: mlx_periodic_enquiry: unknown command %x The periodic status poll has issued a command which has become corrupted. mlxd%d: drive offline mlxd%d: drive online mlxd%d: drive critical The system disk indicated has changed state. mlx%d: physical drive %d:%d reset mlx%d: physical drive %d:%d killed %s mlx%d: physical drive %d:%d error log: sense = %d asc = %x asq = %x mlx%d: info %4D csi %4D The drive at channel:target has been reset, killed for the given reason, or experienced a SCSI error. mlx%d: unknown log message type %x mlx%d: error reading message log - %s An error occurred while trying to read the controller's message log. mlxd%d: consistency check started mlx%d: consistency check completed A user-initiated consistency check has started/completed. mlx%d: drive rebuild started for %d:%d mlx%d: drive rebuild completed A user-initiated physical drive rebuild has started/completed. mlx%d: background check/rebuild operation started mlx%d: background check/rebuild operation completed An automatic system drive consistency check or physical drive rebuild has started/completed. mlx%d: channel %d pausing for %d seconds mlx%d: channel %d resuming mlx%d: pause command failed - %s mlx%d: pause failed for channel %d mlx%d: resume command failed - %s mlx%d: resume failed for channel %d Controller/channel pause operation notification. (Channel pause is not currently supported on any controller.) mlx%d: controller wedged (not taking commands) The controller is not responding to attempts to submit new commands. mlx%d: duplicate done event for slot %d mlx%d: done event for nonbusy slot %d Corruption has occurred in either the controller's onboard list of commands or in the driver. SEE ALSO
mlxcontrol(8) AUTHORS
The mlx driver was written by Michael Smith <>. This manual page was written by Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven <> and Michael Smith <>. BUGS
The driver does not yet support EISA adapters. The DEC KZPSC has insufficient flash ROM to hold any reasonably recent firmware. This has caused problems for this driver. The driver does not yet support the version 6.x firmware as found in the AcceleRAID 352 and eXtremeRAID 2000 and 3000 products. BSD
August 10, 2004 BSD
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