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mknetid(8) [netbsd man page]

MKNETID(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						MKNETID(8)

mknetid -- a NIS filter program SYNOPSIS
mknetid [-q] [-d domain] [-p passwdfile] [-g groupfile] [-h hostfile] [-m netidfile] DESCRIPTION
mknetid is used to create a map named netid.byname. The map consists of information from passwd(5), group(5) and hosts(5) eventually con- catenated with a netid(5) file. The options are as follows: -d domain NIS domain to use instead of the default domain. -g groupfile Alternate group(5) file. Default is /etc/group. -h hostfile Alternate hosts(5) file. Default is /etc/hosts. -m netidfile Alternate netid(5) file. Default is /etc/netid. -p passwdfile Alternate passwd(5) file. Default is /etc/passwd. -q Keep quiet about multiple occurrences of a uid; ignore all but the first. FILES
/etc/group /etc/hosts /etc/netid /etc/passwd SEE ALSO
domainname(1), group(5), hosts(5), netid(5), passwd(5), nis(8) AUTHORS
Mats O Jansson <> BSD
February 26, 2005 BSD

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MKNETID(8)							 Reference Manual							MKNETID(8)

mknetid - generate data for netid map SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/yp/mknetid [ -q ] [ -h hosts ] [ -p passwd ] [ -g group ] [ -d domain ] [ -n netid ] /usr/lib/yp/mknetid --version DESCRIPTION
mknetid generates the netid.byname NIS map from the contents of the group(5), passwd(5), hosts(5) and netid files. It checks for multiple entrys of netids and warn for them or filters them out. It is only called by /var/yp/Makefile when rebuilding the NIS map. OPTIONS
-q This flag turns on 'quiet' mode, don't print a warning message when finding an duplicate netid entry. -h hosts The -h flag can be used to specify the use of another hosts file than the default /etc/hosts. -p passwd The -p flag can be used to specify the use of another passwd file than the default /etc/passwd. -g group The -g flag can be used to specify the use of another group file than the default /etc/group. -n netid The -n flag can be used to specify the use of another netid file than the default /etc/netid. -d domain The mknetid command uses the system domainname by default. If it is not set or you whish to override it, you must use the -d parame- ter. --version Prints the version number FILES
/etc/group groups file /etc/hosts hosts database /etc/netid netname database /etc/passwd password file SEE ALSO
passwd(8), group(5), hosts(5), passwd(5) AUTHOR
mknetid was written by Thorsten Kukuk <>. YP Server August 2001 MKNETID(8)
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