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MKALIAS(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						MKALIAS(8)

mkalias -- a NIS map conversion program SYNOPSIS
mkalias [-deEnsuv] input [output] DESCRIPTION
mkalias is used to convert a mail.aliases map to a mail.byaddr map. This is a inverse map of user@host (or user!host) back to alias. mkalias uses input as the input map, and if output is given, use that as the output map. If the output map isn't given don't create data- base. This can be useful when -e or -E is given. The options are as follows: -d Assume domain names are OK. Only useful together with -e or -E. -e Check host to verify that it exists. -E Same as -e, but also check for any MX-record. -n Capitalize name. E.g., mats.o.jansson becomes Mats.O.Jansson. -u Assume UUCP names are OK. Only useful together with -e or -E. -s Ignored (only provided for compatibility with SunOS 4.1.x). -v Verbose mode. SEE ALSO
nis(8), ypserv(8) AUTHORS
Mats O Jansson <> BSD
February 26, 2005 BSD

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MKNETID(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						MKNETID(8)

mknetid -- a NIS filter program SYNOPSIS
mknetid [-q] [-d domain] [-p passwdfile] [-g groupfile] [-h hostfile] [-m netidfile] DESCRIPTION
mknetid is used to create a map named netid.byname. The map consists of information from passwd(5), group(5) and hosts(5) eventually con- catenated with a netid(5) file. The options are as follows: -d domain NIS domain to use instead of the default domain. -g groupfile Alternate group(5) file. Default is /etc/group. -h hostfile Alternate hosts(5) file. Default is /etc/hosts. -m netidfile Alternate netid(5) file. Default is /etc/netid. -p passwdfile Alternate passwd(5) file. Default is /etc/passwd. -q Keep quiet about multiple occurrences of a uid; ignore all but the first. FILES
/etc/group /etc/hosts /etc/netid /etc/passwd SEE ALSO
domainname(1), group(5), hosts(5), netid(5), passwd(5), nis(8) AUTHORS
Mats O Jansson <> BSD
February 26, 2005 BSD
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