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MDSETIMAGE(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			    MDSETIMAGE(8)

     mdsetimage -- set kernel RAM disk image

     mdsetimage [-svx] [-b bfdname] [-I image_symbol] [-S size_symbol] kernel image

     The mdsetimage command copies the disk image specified by image into the memory disk storage
     area in kernel.  The file system present in image will typically be used by the kernel as
     the root file system.

     To recognize kernel executable format, the -b flag specifies BFD name of kernel.

     The -I and -S flags specify the symbol names of image and size of memory disk drivers

     If the -s flags is given, mdsetimage will write back the actual disk image size back into

     If the -v flag is given, mdsetimage will print out status information as it is copying the

     If the -x flag is given, mdsetimage will extract the disk image from kernel into the file
     image.  This is the opposite of the default behavior.

     md(4), mdconfig(8)

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