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MDCONFIG(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			      MDCONFIG(8)

     mdconfig -- configure MEMORY disks

     mdconfig special_file 512-byte-blocks

     The mdconfig command configures memory disk devices.  It will associate the special file
     special_file with a range of user-virtual memory allocated by the mdconfig process itself.
     The mdconfig command should be run in the background.  If successful, the command will not
     return.  Otherwise, an error message will be printed.

     To "unconfigure" the memory disk, just kill the background mdconfig process started earlier.


	   mdconfig /dev/md0c 2048 &

     Configures the memory disk md0c with one megabyte of user-space memory.

     mount(8), swapon(8), umount(8)

     The special device will become inoperative if the mdconfig process is killed while the spe-
     cial device is open.

BSD					   July 8, 1993 				      BSD
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