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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for makedbm (netbsd section 8)

MAKEDBM(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			       MAKEDBM(8)

     makedbm -- create a NIS database

     makedbm -u dbfile
     makedbm [-bls] [-d yp_domain_name] [-i yp_input_file] [-m yp_master_name]
	     [-o yp_output_file] infile outfile

     makedbm is the utility in NIS that creates the db(3) database file containing the NIS map.

     infile is the pathname of the source file (where ``-'' is standard input).  Each line con-
     sists of the key and the value, with a space separating the items.  Blank lines are ignored,
     and a ``#'' is a comment character and indicates that the rest of the line should be

     outfile is the pathname of the generated database.

     The options are as follows:

     -b      Interdomain. Include an entry in the database informing a NIS server to use DNS to
	     get information about unknown hosts. This option will only have effect on the maps
	     hosts.byname and hosts.byaddr.

     -l      Lowercase. Convert all keys to lower case before adding them to the NIS database.

     -s      Secure map. Include an entry in the database informing ypxfr(8) and ypserv(8) that
	     the NIS map is going to be handled as secure (i.e., not served to clients that don't
	     connect from a reserved port).

     -d yp_domain_name
	     Include an entry in the map with 'YP_DOMAIN_NAME' as the key and yp_domain_name as
	     the value.

     -i yp_input_file
	     Include an entry in the map with 'YP_INPUT_FILE' as the key and yp_input_file as the

     -m yp_master_name
	     Include an entry in the map with 'YP_MASTER_NAME' as the key and yp_master_name as
	     the value.

     -o yp_output_file
	     Include an entry in the map with 'YP_OUTPUT_FILE' as the key and yp_output_file as
	     the value.

     -u dbfile
	     Dump the contents of dbfile to standard output, in a format suitable to be passed
	     back into makedbm.  dbfile is the pathname to the database.

     db(3), nis(8), ypserv(8), ypxfr(8)

     Mats O Jansson <moj@stacken.kth.se>

BSD					February 26, 2005				      BSD

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