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crash(8) [netbsd man page]

CRASH(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  CRASH(8)

crash -- examine and debug system images SYNOPSIS
crash [-M core] [-N kernel] DESCRIPTION
The crash command is used to examine and debug system images. If run without any arguments, crash operates on the running system. The options are as follows: -M core Operate on the specified crash dump instead of the default /dev/mem. Crash dumps should be from the same version of the system and same machine architecture as the running version of crash, and must be uncompressed. -N kernel Extract the name list from the specified kernel instead of the default /dev/ksyms. The command syntax used by crash is the same as the in-kernel debugger. See the ddb(4) manual page for more information. Operations and facilities that require a running system, such as breakpoints, are not supported by crash. crash does not provide pagination. However, by using the pipe symbol, output may be sent to commands available from the shell. For example: crash> ps | more crash> ps | grep ioflush SEE ALSO
ps(1), vmstat(1), ddb(4), pstat(8) HISTORY
The crash command appeared in NetBSD 6.0. BSD
March 7, 2009 BSD

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cr_open(3)						     Library Functions Manual							cr_open(3)

cr_open() - open crash dump for reading SYNOPSIS
The library call opens a crash dump and passes back a crash dump descriptor. The path argument points to a path name naming a crash dump directory or file, and must not exceed bytes in length. The CRASH * to which crash_cb points is set to a crash dump descriptor, which can then be passed to the other functions to access the crash dump. flags is a bitmask of zero or more of the following flag values, which affect the operation of future calls to libcrash routines for this crash dump, except for cr_verify(3), which has its own flags parameter. The library will not attempt to verify checksums of files in the crash dump if this flag is set. The library will write messages to stderr during time-consuming operations (decompressions and checksums) if this flag is set. RETURN VALUE
Returns zero for success. Other possible return values are described in libcrash(5). EXAMPLES
The following call to opens crash dump contained in the directory and returns the crash dump descriptor For an example of reading the crash dump see the cr_read(3) manual entry. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
cr_close(3), cr_perror(3), libcrash(5). cr_open(3)
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