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ACCTON(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual				ACCTON(8)

     accton -- enable/disable system accounting

     accton [file]

     With an argument naming an existing file, accton causes system accounting information for
     every process executed to be placed at the end of the file.  If no argument is given,
     accounting is turned off.

     The default accounting file is /var/account/acct.	Typically, accounting is enabled by rc
     scripts during the boot process.  In NetBSD, one may enable accounting by setting the vari-
     able ``accounting'' to ``YES'' in /etc/rc.conf.

     Note that, traditionally, the system accounting log file can not be rotated cleanly by
     newsyslog(8).  Instead, a default installation of NetBSD rotates /var/account/acct using the
     /etc/daily script.

     /var/account/acct	Default accounting file.

     lastcomm(1), acct(5), sa(8)

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