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POM(6)								 BSD Games Manual							    POM(6)

pom -- display the phase of the moon SYNOPSIS
pom [[[[[[cc]yy]mm]dd]HH]] DESCRIPTION
The pom utility displays the current phase of the moon. Useful for selecting software completion target dates and predicting managerial behavior. [[[[[cc]yy]mm]dd]HH] Display the phase of the moon for a given time. The format is similar to the canonical representation used by date(1). SEE ALSO
date(1) AUTHORS
pom was written by Keith E. Brandt. BUGS
Times must be within range of the UNIX epoch. This program does not allow for the difference between the TDT and UTC timescales (about one minute at the time of writing). ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
This program is based on algorithms from Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator, Third Edition by Peter Duffett-Smith <>. BSD
January 9, 1999 BSD

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POM_XPATH_INJECT(7)						Java Packages Tools					       POM_XPATH_INJECT(7)

pom_xpath_inject - inject XML code into POM file SYNOPSIS
%pom_xpath_inject XPath [XML-code] [POM-location] DESCRIPTION
This macro patches specified POM file appending some code as childreen of all XML nodes described by the XPath expression. XPath is an expression describing a set of XML nodes in the POM file to which child code is to be appended. It must be a properly formated XPath 1.0 expression, as described in POM location can be either a full path to the POM file, or a path to the directory containing pom.xml. If POM location is not given then pom.xml from current working directory is used. EXAMPLES
%pom_xpath_inject pom:project "<packaging>war</packaging>" - this call sets packaging of POM in current working directory to war. BUGS
POM files use a specific namespace - Currently this namespace needs to be explicitly specified in all XPath POM macros by prefixing all node names with pom:. AUTHOR
Written by Mikolaj Izdebski. REPORTING BUGS
Bugs should be reported through Red Hat Bugzilla at SEE ALSO
pom_add_dep(7), pom_add_parent(7), pom_add_plugin(7), pom_disable_module(7), pom_remove_dep(7), pom_remove_parent(7), pom_remove_plugin(7), pom_set_parent(7), pom_xpath_remove(7), pom_xpath_replace(7), pom_xpath_set(7). JAVAPACKAGES
06/10/2014 POM_XPATH_INJECT(7)
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