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MOTD(5) 			     BSD File Formats Manual				  MOTD(5)

     motd -- file containing message(s) of the day

     The file /etc/motd is normally displayed by login(1) after a user has logged in but before
     the shell is run.	It is generally used for important system-wide announcements.  During
     system startup, a line containing the kernel version string is prepended to this file.

     Individual users may suppress the display of this file by creating a file named
     ``.hushlogin'' in their home directories.


     NetBSD 1.0 (SUN_LAMP) #9: Sun Nov 20 22:47:57 PST 1994

     Make sure you have a .forward file...

     4/17    Machine will be down for backups all day Saturday.


BSD					December 28, 1994				      BSD
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