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WT(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     WT(4)

wt -- Archive/Wangtek cartridge tape driver SYNOPSIS
wt0 at isa? port 0x300 irq 5 drq 1 DESCRIPTION
The wt driver provides support for the following Archive and Wangtek boards: QIC-02 QIC-36 Raw devices are indicated by an ``r'' preceding the device name. The driver can be opened with either rewind on close (/dev/rst*) or no rewind on close (/dev/nrst*) options. The tape format is specified by adding 8 or 16 to the device number. For example, for the wt0 device's raw rewind on close device nodes, /dev/rwt0 is the 150 MByte density device, /dev/rwt8 is the 120 MByte density device, and /dev/rwt16 is the 60 MByte device. SEE ALSO
intro(4) BUGS
The wt driver conflicts unpleasantly with the we driver (SMC Ethernet adapters) at the same I/O address. The probe reprograms their EEPROMs. BSD
July 10, 1995 BSD

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PTY(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    PTY(4)

pty -- BSD-style compatibility pseudo-terminal driver SYNOPSIS
device pty DESCRIPTION
The pty driver provides support for the traditional BSD naming scheme that was used for accessing pseudo-terminals. When the device /dev/ptyXX is being opened, a new terminal shall be created with the pts(4) driver. A device node for this terminal shall be created, which has the name /dev/ttyXX. New code should not try to allocate pseudo-terminals using this interface. It is only provided for compatibility with older C libraries that tried to open such devices when posix_openpt(2) was being called. FILES
The BSD-style compatibility pseudo-terminal driver uses the following device names: /dev/pty[l-sL-S][0-9a-v] Pseudo-terminal master devices. /dev/tty[l-sL-S][0-9a-v] Pseudo-terminal slave devices. DIAGNOSTICS
posix_openpt(2), pts(4), tty(4) HISTORY
A pseudo-terminal driver appeared in 4.2BSD. BUGS
Unlike previous implementations, the master slave device nodes are destroyed when the PTY becomes unused. A call to stat(2) on a nonexistent master device will already cause a new master device node to be created. The master device can only be destroyed by opening and closing it. The pty driver cannot be unloaded, because it cannot determine if it is being used. BSD
August 20, 2008 BSD
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