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ACPIWMI(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 		       ACPIWMI(4)

     acpiwmi -- Windows Management Instrumentation support for ACPI

     acpiwmi* at acpi?
     acpiwmibus* at acpiwmi?
     wmidell* at acpiwmibus?
     wmieeepc* at acpiwmibus?
     wmihp* at acpiwmibus?
     wmimsi* at acpiwmibus?

     The acpiwmi device driver provides an ACPI interface for Windows Management Instrumentation
     (WMI).  The ACPI WMI interface is typically used to support vendor specific features found
     in various laptops.

     The following WMI mappings are supported:

	   wmidell   Dell laptops

	   wmieeepc  Some models of Asus Eee PC

	   wmihp     Hewlett-Packard laptops

	   wmimsi    MSI laptops

     The functionality varies from vendor to vendor.  Typically the interface is used for func-
     tion and hotkey handling, but additional features may be present.

     acpi(4), acpidalb(4)

     Microsoft Corporation, Windows Instrumentation: WMI and ACPI,
     http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/pnppwr/wmi/wmi-acpi.mspx, December 4, 2001.

     The acpiwmi device driver appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

     Jukka Ruohonen <jruohonen@iki.fi> wrote acpiwmi and most of the mappings.

     While WMI should provide a certain degree of portability across laptop models from a partic-
     ular vendor, there is no guarantee that the mappings are functional in all models.

     The wmihp driver may conflict with hpqlb(4).

BSD					February 16, 2011				      BSD
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