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VIRT(4) 			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			  VIRT(4)

     virt -- rump virtual network interface

     #include <rump/rump.h>

     rump_pub_virtif_create(int num);

     The virt interface acts as a link between a rump virtual kernel and a host tap(4) interface.
     Interface number <n> always corresponds with the host tap interface tap<n>.  All data sent
     by virt is written into /dev/tap<n> and all data read from /dev/tap<n> is passed as Ethernet
     input to the rump virtual kernel.

     A virt interface can be created in two ways:

     o	 Programmatically by calling rump_pub_virtif_create().

     o	 Dynamically at runtime with ifconfig(8) or equivalent using the create command.

     Destroying a virt interface is possible only through ifconfig(8) destroy.

     The host's tap(4) interface can be further bridged with hardware interfaces to provide full
     Internet access to a rump kernel.

     rump(3), bridge(4), tap(4), brconfig(8), ifconfig(8)

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