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UTS(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    UTS(4)

uts -- USB generic touchscreens SYNOPSIS
uts* at uhidev? reportid ? wsmouse* at uts? DESCRIPTION
The uts driver provides support for USB touchscreens, otherwise known as Touch Digitizer devices. Access to panel events is through the wsmouse(4) driver. SEE ALSO
uhidev(4), wsmouse(4) HISTORY
The uts driver was written by Pierre Pronchery for NetBSD. The uts driver appeared in NetBSD 6.0. BUGS
uts currently does not support calibration. Also, not all NetBSD-supplied X servers support the absolute position events it generates. BSD
January 16, 2012 BSD

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WSMOUSE(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						WSMOUSE(4)

wsmouse -- generic mouse support in wscons SYNOPSIS
wsmouse* at pms? mux 0 (PS/2 mouse, including ``IntelliMouse''-compatible wheel mice) wsmouse* at ums? mux 0 (USB mouse) wsmouse* at uts? mux 0 (USB touchscreen) wsmouse* at lms? mux 0 (Logitech bus mouse, i386 only) wsmouse* at mms? mux 0 (Microsoft InPort mouse, i386 only) wsmouse0 at ams? mux 0 (Apple ADB mouse) wsmouse* at btms? mux 0 (Bluetooth mouse) wsmouse* at lkms? mux 0 (DEC VSXXX serial mice) DESCRIPTION
The wsmouse driver is an abstraction layer for mice within the wscons(4) framework. It is attached to the hardware specific mouse drivers and provides a character device interface which returns struct wscons_event via read(2). For use with X servers, ``mouse events'' can be generated. The wsconsctl(8) utility gives access to several configurable details that affect this driver. Ioctls The following ioctl(2) calls are provided by the wsmouse driver or by devices which use it. Their definitions are found in dev/wscons/wsconsio.h. WSMOUSEIO_GETREPEAT (struct wsmouse_repeat) Retrieve the current automatic button repeating configuration. The structure returned is as follows: struct wsmouse_repeat { unsigned long wr_buttons; unsigned int wr_delay_first; unsigned int wr_delay_decrement; unsigned int wr_delay_minimum; }; The wr_buttons field is a bit mask that specifies which buttons send press and release events periodically while they are phys- ically held down. The least significant bit corresponds to button 0. The other three fields describe the frequency upon which these automatic events are sent. wr_delay_first specifies the mil- liseconds before the first repeated event is sent. wr_delay_decrement is used to calculate the delay between the most recently generated event and the forthcoming one: the previous delay is taken and it is decreased by the value given in this variable. wr_delay_minimum specifies the minimum delay, in milliseconds, between two consecutive events. WSMOUSEIO_SETREPEAT (struct wsmouse_repeat) Set the automatic button repeating configuration. See WSMOUSEIO_GETREPEAT above for more details. WSMOUSEIO_SETVERSION (int) Set the wscons_event protocol version. The default is 0 for binary compatibility. The latest version is always available as WSMOUSE_EVENT_VERSION, and is currently 1. All new code should use a call similar to the below to ensure the correct version is returned. int ver = WSMOUSE_EVENT_VERSION; if (ioctl(fd, WSMOUSEIO_SETVERSION, &ver) == -1) err(EXIT_FAILURE, "cannot set version"); FILES
/dev/wsmouse* /usr/include/dev/wscons/wsconsio.h. SEE ALSO
btms(4), lms(4), mms(4), pms(4), uep(4), ums(4), uts(4), wscons(4), wsmux(4), moused(8), wsconsctl(8), wsmoused(8), wsmouse(9) BSD
May 27, 2012 BSD
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