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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for uftdi (netbsd section 4)

UFTDI(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			 UFTDI(4)

     uftdi -- USB support for serial adapters based on the FT8U100AX and FT8U232AM

     uftdi* at uhub?
     ucom*  at uftdi?

     The uftdi driver provides support for various serial adapters based on the FTDI USB UART IC
     family.  Supported chip models are FT8U100AX, FT8U232AM, FT232BM, FT232R, dual channel
     FT2232D, dual channel FT2232H, and quad channel FT4232H.

     The device is accessed through the ucom(4) driver which makes it behave like a tty(4).

     The uftdi driver supports the following adapters:

	   B&B Electronics uLinks RS-422/485
	   Coastal ChipWorks TNC-X
	   Crystalfontz CFA-631 LCD
	   Crystalfontz CFA-632 LCD
	   Crystalfontz CFA-633 LCD
	   Crystalfontz CFA-634 LCD
	   Crystalfontz CFA-635 LCD
	   CTI USB-485-Mini and and USB-Nano-485
	   Falcom Samba 55/56 GSM/GPRS modem
	   Falcom Twist GSM/GPRS modem
	   Future Technology Devices DB9
	   Future Technology Devices IC
	   Future Technology Devices KW
	   Future Technology Devices RS232
	   Future Technology Devices Y6
	   Future Technology Devices Y8
	   Future Technology Devices Y9
	   Future Technology Devices YS
	   GlobalScale Technogogies SheevaPlug and OpenRD
	   HP USB-Serial adapter shipped with some HP laptops
	   Inland UAS111
	   Interpid Control Systems NeoVI Blue
	   Interpid Control Systems ValueCAN
	   Matrix Orbital LK/VK/PK202-24 LCD
	   Matrix Orbital LK/VK204-24 LCD
	   Matrix Orbital MX2/MX3/MX6 Series
	   Matrix Orbital MX4/MX5 Series LCD
	   QVS USC-1000
	   RATOC Systems REX-USB60F
	   Robot Electronics USB to I2C Communications Module
	   Sealevel Systems USB-Serial adapter
	   SIIG US2308 Serial
	   Telldus Tellstick and Tellstick Duo
	   VScom USB-COM Mini

     tty(4), ucom(4), usb(4)

     The uftdi driver appeared in NetBSD 1.5.

BSD					 October 18, 2012				      BSD

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