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UARK(4) 			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			  UARK(4)

     uark -- Arkmicro Technologies ARK3116 based USB serial adapter

     uark* at uhub?
     ucom* at uark?

     The uark driver supports Arkmicro Technologies ARK3116 based serial adapters.

     The following devices should work with the uark driver:

	   HL USB-RS232
	   HugePine USB-UART
	   KQ-U8A Data Cable
	   Skymaster USB to RS232

     tty(4), ucom(4), uhub(4), usb(4)

     The uark device driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.0 and was ported to NetBSD 6.0.

     The uark driver was written by Jonathan Gray <jsg@openbsd.org>.

     Setting hardware flow control is not currently supported.	It is not yet known how to ask
     the hardware to send a break.

BSD					   May 30, 2010 				      BSD
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