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SYSMON(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						 SYSMON(4)

sysmon -- system monitoring and power management interface DESCRIPTION
The machine-independent sysmon is a general purpose framework for system monitoring and power management. The main components of sysmon include: o An ioctl(2) interface available via /dev/sysmon. The userland counterparts include utilities such as envstat(8) and daemons such as powerd(8). o An interface for the purpose of delivering different system and power events to userspace; sysmon_pswitch(9). o A general purpose sensor framework, sysmon_envsys(9). o A general purpose task queue, sysmon_taskq(9). o An interface for watchdog timers. FILES
/dev/sysmon SEE ALSO
envsys(4), swsensor(4), envstat(8), powerd(8), wdogctl(8), pmf(9) AUTHORS
Jason R. Thorpe <> BSD
June 22, 2011 BSD

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SYSMON_PSWITCH(9)					   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					 SYSMON_PSWITCH(9)

sysmon_pswitch -- framework for power switches SYNOPSIS
#include <dev/sysmon/sysmonvar.h> int sysmon_pswitch_register(struct sysmon_pswitch *smpsw); void sysmon_pswitch_unregister(struct sysmon_pswitch *smpsw); void sysmon_pswitch_event(struct sysmon_pswitch *smpsw, int event); DESCRIPTION
The machine-independent sysmon_pswitch provides a framework for power management. The interface has been largely superceded by the pmf(9) framework, but sysmon_pswitch is still used to manage power switches as well as related mechanical adapters and buttons. These are encapsu- lated in the following structure: struct sysmon_pswitch { const char *smpsw_name; /* power switch name */ int smpsw_type; /* power switch type */ LIST_ENTRY(sysmon_pswitch) smpsw_list; }; Unsurprisingly, smpsw_name specifies the name of the power switch and smpsw_type defines the type of it. The following types are defined: PSWITCH_TYPE_POWER PSWITCH_TYPE_SLEEP PSWITCH_TYPE_LID PSWITCH_TYPE_RESET PSWITCH_TYPE_ACADAPTER PSWITCH_TYPE_HOTKEY If the type is PSWITCH_TYPE_HOTKEY, there are few predefined names that can be used for smpsw_name: PSWITCH_HK_DISPLAY_CYCLE display-cycle PSWITCH_HK_LOCK_SCREEN lock-screen PSWITCH_HK_BATTERY_INFO battery-info PSWITCH_HK_EJECT_BUTTON eject-button PSWITCH_HK_ZOOM_BUTTON zoom-button PSWITCH_HK_VENDOR_BUTTON vendor-button Once a power switch event has been proceeded, sysmon_pswitch will inform the user space powerd(8), which will possibly execute a script matching the type of the power switch. FUNCTIONS
After the sysmon_pswitch structure has been initialized, a new power switch device can be registered by using sysmon_pswitch_register(). The device can be detached from the framework by sysmon_pswitch_unregister(). The sysmon_pswitch_event() is used to signal a new power switch event. There are two possibilities for the value of event: PSWITCH_EVENT_PRESSED A button has been pressed, the lid has been closed, the AC adapter is off, etc. PSWITCH_EVENT_RELEASED A button has been released, the lid is open, the AC adapter is on, etc. The corresponding events in powerd(8) are pressed and released. SEE ALSO
powerd(8), pmf(9), sysmon_envsys(9), sysmon_taskq(9) AUTHORS
Jason R. Thorpe <> BSD
January 26, 2010 BSD
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