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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for swsensor (netbsd section 4)

SWSENSOR(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 		      SWSENSOR(4)

     swsensor -- software environmental sensor

     pseudo-device swsensor

     The swsensor driver provides a software environmental sensor that works with sysctl(8) and
     envstat(8).  The driver is intended to be loaded as a kernel module.  One can, however,
     include the swsensor driver directly in a kernel using the configuration from the synopsis.
     By default, the sensor is of type ENVSYS_UNITS_INTEGER.

     The following values can be specified in the modload(8) command when loading the swsensor
     module to alter the driver's behavior.

     Variable Usage

     mode	 Controls whether or not swsensor provides internally-maintained limits and limit

		 Value Meaning

		 0	sensor has no internally-maintained limits

		 1	sensor provides its own internal limit value

		 2	sensor maintains an internal adjustable limit and performs its own com-
			parison between the sensor's limit and its current value

     limit	 The initial alarm limit value, if limit emulation is selected (i.e., if mode is
		 set to 1 or 2)


     value_min	 The maximum and minimum values.  The corresponding ENVSYS_FVALID_MAX and
		 ENVSYS_FVALID_MIN flags are implicitly set.

     percentage  This boolean value controls the setting of the ENVSYS_FPERCENT flag.

     type	 Define the sensor's unit/type.  By default, a Temperature sensor is created.
		 Any of the string values from the following table can be specified:

		 Temperature	     Fan	       Voltage AC
		 Voltage DC	     Ohms	       Watts
		 Ampere 	     Watt hour	       Ampere hour
		 Indicator	     Integer	       Drive
		 Battery capacity    Battery charge
		 (Values are case-sensitive, and spaces must be included.)

     value	 Provide an initial value for the sensor.  If this is omitted, the sensor's ini-
		 tial value is set to zero.

     For example,
	   modload -s type=Voltage\ DC swsensor
     will create a sensor of type ENVSYS_UNITS_SVOLTS_DC, while
	   modload -i mode=1 -i limit=50 swsensor
     will create a sensor which has an initial, device-provided limit of 50.

     The sensor's raw value and state can be manually updated by modifying the sysctl(8) vari-
     ables ``hw.swsensor.cur_value'' and ``hw.swsensor.state'' variables respectively.

     modctl(2), envstat(8), sysctl(8)

     The swsensor driver was written by Paul Goyette and first appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

     The swsensor driver emulates a device with only a single sensor.

     The swsensor driver can only emulate one hardware-managed limit; this is assumed to be the
     critical-min limit.

BSD					 August 27, 2012				      BSD

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