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SPC(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    SPC(4)

spc -- Fujitsu MB87030/MB89352 SCSI driver SYNOPSIS
spc* at pcmcia? function ? hp300 spc0 at dio? scode ? luna68k spc0 at mainbus0 x68k spc0 at scsirom0 spc1 at scsirom1 scsibus* at spc? DESCRIPTION
The spc driver provides support for the Fujitsu MB87030/MB89352 SCSI Protocol Controller (SPC) chips. SEE ALSO
cd(4), ch(4), intro(4), pcmcia(4), scsi(4), sd(4), ss(4), st(4), uk(4), scsipi(9) BUGS
Synchronous data transfers are not currently supported. BSD
August 1, 2006 BSD
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