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MFB(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    MFB(4)

mfb -- PMAG-A MX monochrome unaccelerated 2-D framebuffer SYNOPSIS
mfb* at tc? slot ? offset ? wsdisplay* at mfb? DESCRIPTION
The mfb driver provides support for the PMAG-A MX monochrome framebuffer for the TURBOchannel bus. The PMAG-A is a monochrome framebuffer capable of running at a resolution of 1280-by-1024 at 72 Hz. SEE ALSO
cfb(4), px(4), pxg(4), sfb(4), tc(4), tfb(4), wscons(4) BUGS
NetBSD/pmax does not currently support the machine-independent wscons(4) interface and uses a machine-dependent version. BSD
September 14, 2001 BSD

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GENFB(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						  GENFB(4)

genfb -- generic framebuffer console driver SYNOPSIS
genfb* at pci? genfb* at sbus? wsdisplay* at genfb? DESCRIPTION
The genfb driver provides support for generic framebuffers that have no native driver. All it needs are some parameters to describe the framebuffer and an address. PCI When attaching to a pci(4) bus the driver is configured via device properties: width (uint32) Width in pixels. height (uint32) Height in pixels. stride (uint32) Line size in bytes. depth (uint32) Bits per pixel. is_console (bool) If true, genfb will try to become the system console. address (uint32) Bus address of the framebuffer. SBus When attaching to sbus(4) all those parameters are retrieved from the firmware. SEE ALSO
pci(4), sbus(4), wscons(4), wsdisplay(4) BUGS
There is no way to change the color map even when the firmware supports it. The pci(4) bus frontend has only been tested on macppc, i386, and amd64 and requires machine dependent code to pass the properties mentioned above. So far only macppc, i386, and amd64 provides them. BSD
August 23, 2009 BSD
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