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ICP(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   ICP(4)

     icp -- ICP-Vortex and Intel Storage RAID driver

     icp* at pci? dev ? function ?
     ld* at icp? unit ?
     icpsp* at icp? unit ?
     scsibus* at icpsp?

     The icp driver provides support for the newer (post 1997) ICP-Vortex GDT and Intel Storage
     RAID controllers.

     The ld driver provides access to logical devices (disk arrays) presented by the controller.
     The icpsp driver provides direct access to other SCSI devices attached to the controller,
     such as tape or CD-ROM drives.

     pci_mem_find: expected mem type 00000000, found 00000002
		   This message may be displayed during autoconfiguration if the controller's
		   memory is mapped below 1MB in physical address space.  This can be disabled
		   either through changing a setting in the controller's BIOS utility, or chang-
		   ing the position of a jumper on the board.  See your controller's documenta-
		   tion for more information.

     intro(4), ld(4), scsi(4)

     The icp driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.6, and was based on the FreeBSD and OpenBSD driv-
     ers of the same name.

     ISA & EISA front-ends and a management interface are needed.

     Older PCI boards are not yet supported.

BSD					  April 20, 2002				      BSD
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