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GTP(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    GTP(4)

gtp -- Gemtek PCI FM radio device SYNOPSIS
gtp* at pci? flags 0x00 radio* at gtp? DESCRIPTION
The gtp driver provides support for the Gemtek PCI and Guillemot MaxiRadio FM2000 FM radio tuners. The Gemtek PCI cards are stereo FM tuners that can tune in the range 87.5 - 108.0 MHz, report signal status and stereo/mono on the current frequency, force audio output to mono, perform hardware signal search, and have an internal AFC. The card is based on the TEA5757 chip; see radio(4) for details. The flags control the driver behavior. For example, with flags 0x01 the driver will assume that a TEA5759 chip is used. SEE ALSO
intro(4), pci(4), radio(4), radio(9) HISTORY
The gtp device driver appeared in OpenBSD 3.2 and subsequently in NetBSD 1.6 wherein it replaced the mr(4) driver. AUTHORS
The gtp driver and the man page was written by Vladimir Popov <>. BUGS
It is impossible to determine which frequency the card is tuned to. Thus, the driver will report an internally stored value even if it is not correct (changed by some program that uses direct port access). BSD
March 26, 2011 BSD

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RADIOCTL(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       RADIOCTL(1)

radioctl -- control radio tuners SYNOPSIS
radioctl [-f file] [-n] -a radioctl [-f file] [-n] name radioctl [-f file] [-n] -w name=value DESCRIPTION
The radioctl command displays or sets various variables that affect the radio tuner behavior. If a variable is present on the command line, radioctl prints the current value of this variable for the specified device. By default, radioctl operates on the /dev/radio device. The options are as follows: -a Print all device variables and their current values. -w name=value Attempt to set the specified variable name to value. -f file Specify an alternative radio tuner device. -n Suppress printing of the variable name. Values may be specified in either absolute or relative forms. The relative form is indicated by a prefix of '+' or '-' to denote an increase or decrease, respectively. The exact set of controls that can be manipulated depends on the tuner. The general format (in both getting and setting a value) is name = value The name indicates what part of the tuner the control affects. Write only controls: search Only for cards that allow hardware search. Can be 'up' or 'down'. Read-write controls: frequency Float value from 87.5 to 108.0. volume Integer value from 0 to 255. mute Mutes the card (volume is not affected), 'on' or 'off'. mono Forces card output to mono, 'on' or 'off'. Only for cards that allow forced mono. reference Reference frequency. Can be 25 kHz, 50 kHz and 100 kHz. Not all cards allow to change the reference frequency. sensitivity Station locking sensitivity. Can be 5 mkV, 10 mkV, 30 mkV and 150 mkV. Not all cards allow to change the station locking sensitivity. All the remaining controls (signal, stereo and card capabilities) are read-only and can be viewed using option -a. ENVIRONMENT
The following environment variable affects the execution of radioctl: RADIODEVICE The radio tuner device to use. FILES
/dev/radio radio tuner device EXAMPLES
The command radioctl -a can produce volume=255 frequency=106.30MHz mute=off reference=50kHz signal=on stereo=on card capabilities: manageable mono/stereo SEE ALSO
radio(4) HISTORY
radioctl command first appeared in OpenBSD 3.0 and NetBSD 1.6. BSD
September 16, 2001 BSD
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