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FUJBP(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			 FUJBP(4)

     fujbp, fujhk -- Fujitsu Brightness, Pointer, and Hotkeys

     fujbp* at acpi?
     fujhk* at acpi?

     Some Fujitsu laptops come with vendor-specific ACPI devices to manage the laptop hotkeys
     (such as the 'Eco' button), and to control various built-in components (such as the display,
     the touchpad, and the speakers).  The fujbp and fujhk drivers provide support, through these
     ACPI devices, for hotkeys, backlight on/off switch, brightness level control, and pointer
     on/off switch.

     The following sysctl(8) read/write variables are provided (when hardware support is avail-

	   hw.acpi.fujbp0.brightness  Brightness level (integer).

	   hw.acpi.fujbp0.pointer     Pointer switch state (boolean).

	   hw.acpi.fujhk0.backlight   Backlight switch state (boolean).

     Please note, however, that future versions of the drivers may remove these sysctl(8) vari-
     ables without prior notice.

     acpi(4), acpivga(4), sysctl(8), pmf(9), sysmon_pswitch(9)

     The fujbp and fujhk drivers appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

     Gregoire Sutre <gsutre@NetBSD.org>

     Brightness level and backlight switch state should be controlled via wsconsctl(8) instead of

     The sysctl(8) variable hw.acpi.fujbp0.pointer should be replaced by a platform-independent
     userland control.

BSD					February 20, 2011				      BSD
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