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ESA(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   ESA(4)

     esa -- ESS Technology Allegro-1 / Maestro-3 family audio device driver

     esa*   at pci? dev ? function ?
     audio* at audiobus?
     options ESA_NUM_VOICES=4

     The esa driver provides support for the ESS Allegro-1 and Maestro-3 audio devices on the PCI
     bus.  These devices are popular in laptop systems.

     The Allegro-1 and the Maestro-3 are full-duplex devices that allow independent playback and
     recording at sample rates between 8000Hz and 48000Hz and are capable of playback at 8 and 16
     bit in mono and stereo.

     Setting options ESA_NUM_VOICES=4 allows for hardware mixing in the device driver.	Note that
     due to microcode constraints, the esa driver is currently limited to 4 simultaneous voices.

     ac97(4), audio(4), pci(4)

     The esa device driver appeared in NetBSD 1.5.3.

     Jared D. McNeill <jmcneill@invisible.ca>

BSD					   May 13, 2008 				      BSD
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