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DDC(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   DDC(4)

     ddc -- VESA Display Data Channel V2 devices

     ddc at iic? addr 0x50

     The ddc driver provides support for accessing the VESA Display Data Channel Version 2 sup-
     ported by many video displays.

     This driver does not provide any mechanism for access from user applications.  Its only use
     at this point is to provide a means for framebuffer device drivers to query monitor descrip-
     tion data (EDID) using a specialized in-kernel API.  No support for sending control commands
     to display devices is provided.

     iic(4), ddc(9), edid(9)

     The ddc device appeared in NetBSD 4.0.

     Garrett D'Amore <gdamore@NetBSD.org>

BSD					   May 11, 2006 				      BSD
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