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AZALIA(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			AZALIA(4)

     azalia -- Generic High Definition Audio device driver

     azalia* at pci? dev ? function ?
     audio* at audiobus?

     options AZALIA_DEBUG

     The azalia device driver is expected to support any PCI device which is compliant to the
     High Definition Audio Specification 1.0.  Known supported controllers are Intel 82801F
     (ICH6) and Intel 82801G (ICH7).  Known supported codecs are Realtek ALC260, ALC880, ALC882,
     Analog Devices AD1981HD, CMedia CMI9880, Sigmatel STAC9221, and STAC9221D.

     audio(4), pci(4) http://www.intel.com/standards/hdaudio/

     The azalia device driver appeared in NetBSD 3.0.

     Non-PCM encodings such as Float32 and AC-3 are not supported.

     There is no way to use 20bit or 24bit precision because of a limitation of the MI audio

BSD					  March 15, 2007				      BSD
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