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ATOMIC_SWAP(3)			   BSD Library Functions Manual 		   ATOMIC_SWAP(3)

     atomic_swap, atomic_swap_32, atomic_swap_uint, atomic_swap_ulong, atomic_swap_ptr,
     atomic_swap_64 -- atomic swap operations

     #include <sys/atomic.h>

     atomic_swap_32(volatile uint32_t *ptr, uint32_t new);

     unsigned int
     atomic_swap_uint(volatile unsigned int *ptr, unsigned int new);

     unsigned long
     atomic_swap_ulong(volatile unsigned long *ptr, unsigned long new);

     void *
     atomic_swap_ptr(volatile void *ptr, void *new);

     atomic_swap_64(volatile uint64_t *ptr, uint64_t new);

     The atomic_swap family of functions perform a swap operation in an atomic fashion.  The
     value of the variable referenced by ptr is replaced by new and the old value returned.

     The 64-bit variants of these functions are available only on platforms that can support
     atomic 64-bit memory access.  Applications can check for the availability of 64-bit atomic
     memory operations by testing if the pre-processor macro __HAVE_ATOMIC64_OPS is defined.


     The atomic_swap functions first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.

BSD					  April 11, 2007				      BSD
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