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CDEFS(3)			   BSD Library Functions Manual 			 CDEFS(3)

     cdefs -- common definitions and macros

     #include <sys/cdefs.h>

     The <sys/cdefs.h> header includes some common definitions and macros typical to the C lan-
     guage conventions of NetBSD.  Among these are:

	   o   Certain C language properties and definitions that are versioned according to the
	       support in compilers.  Examples include the __func__ keyword and the restrict type
	       qualifier from C99.

	   o   Macros and definitions specific to compilers, preprocessors, and linkers; see
	       __CONCAT(3), __UNCONST(3), __insn_barrier(3), and attribute(3).

	   o   Utility macros provided for convenience; see __arraycount(3) and bits(3).

     The header also contains the __RCSID() and __KERNEL_RCSID() macros used for version control
     system (VCS) identifiers.	Thus, all NetBSD source code files typically include
     <sys/cdefs.h>, included as the first thing right after any possible copyright texts;

	    * Copyright (c) 1984 John Doe
	    * All rights reserved.
	    * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms,
	    * with or without modification, are permitted.

	   #include <sys/cdefs.h>
	   __RCSID("$NetBSD: cdefs.3,v 1.3 2011/04/08 07:55:04 jruoho Exp $");

     It is possible to identify the RCS keyword strings by using ident(1).

     ident(1), param(3), stddef(3), types(3), c(7)

     The <sys/cdefs.h> header was originally imported from 386BSD.

BSD					  April 8, 2011 				      BSD
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