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NFSSTAT(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			       NFSSTAT(1)

     nfsstat -- display NFS statistics

     nfsstat [-cs] [-M core] [-N system] [-w wait]

     nfsstat displays statistics kept about NFS client and server activity.

     The options are as follows:

     -c      Only display values for NFS client side.

     -s      Only display values for NFS server side.

     -M      Extract values associated with the name list from the specified core instead of the
	     default /dev/kmem.

     -N      Extract the name list from the specified system instead of the default /netbsd.

     -w      Display a shorter summary of NFS activity for both the client and server at wait
	     second intervals.

     /netbsd	default kernel namelist
     /dev/kmem	default memory file

     fstat(1), netstat(1), ps(1), systat(1), vmstat(1), iostat(8), pstat(8)

     The nfsstat command appears in 4.4BSD.

BSD					   June 6, 1993 				      BSD
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